Monday, March 2, 2020

Recent buy: MO, V, SBUX, ADP

The following was added to my portfolio today:

MO: $2339
V: $4062
ADP: $2017
SBUX: $1968

Around $10.3K was spent today. Still have a lot of cash and more cash coming in, so averaging down as the market moves further down.


  1. Except it's melting up! I expect a lot of see-saw action in the near term.

    1. Yeah, I really doubt we'll see a lower low than the one we saw this past Friday. The only catalyst that can cause markets to go below that mark would be:

      1) Next 2-3 quarters of very low to no GDP growth
      2) Coronavirus not subsiding by summer time (as most think to be)
      3) Points 1 and 2 causing Democrats to gain an upper hand in the upcoming election

    2. Big ups and downs as expected. Day traders' dream. Not quite down to the lows of a week ago yet.

      I've been nibbling at various stocks with saved up dividends when S&P has gone under 3,000.

  2. We might see the market correcting more. We might as well see the opposite. Nobody knows.
    I like the idea of putting cash to work in stages.
    Bought MSFT, DEO, NEE, SYY and ABT last week. I'm ready and set for the next buy attack in case we will see more red.

  3. am really excited what you are going to do today, I myself bought pre-market from Germany some SYK, NVS, AVT, V, MA, MSFT, TXS (each small tranches)

    gl everyone

  4. ABT* not AVT TXN* not TXS