Saturday, April 4, 2020

March 2020 Dividends Received

Although Coronavirus is spreading its damage around, it has so far not changed the dividends I have received in the month of March. Here are the dividends I got and they were all reinvested back to the companies that paid them.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
JNJ $255.54 $249.68 $5.86
HD $218.08 $174.99 $43.09
PEP $213.70 $180.28 $33.42
NEE $203.80 $153.64 $50.16
MMM $158.14 $130.81 $27.33
D $154.32 $100.17 $54.15
WEC $143.65 $126.09 $17.56
BDX $80.26 $80.26
O $75.72 $75.72
V $71.73 $55.13 $16.60
ROST $61.35 $61.35
MCD $60.62 $60.62
MSFT $50.28 $22.35 $27.93
TJX $49.66 $49.66
CHD $46.99 $31.44 $15.55
HON $43.51 $43.51
BA $33.67 $33.67
INTEREST $0.40 $0.31 $0.09
$1,921.42 $1,553.96 $367.46

March was a good month, very close to $2K. The moving average monthly dividend cashflow is setting new highs. I have been investing more heavily in the last few weeks as stocks are now cheaper than at the highs, so yields are good values relative to the past. April I am predicting a large income month barring any dividend cuts, I am expecting $2100 at least. For May I am predicting at least $1280. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Recent buy: KO, MSFT, SYK

Today I added the following companies to my portfolio:

Stryker: $769
Coca Cola: $649
Microsoft: $623

Total invested is around $2K

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Recent buy: V, KO, T, ABT

Today I bought the following. Around $3804 deployed.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Recent buy: O, MO, GD

Today the S&P500 fell around 8% when I added some buys. This was another large leg down, so I executed a few buy orders.

In previous days, I was adding more into companies with lower yields but higher long term growth potential. Today I want to add more to higher yielding companies to increase my income.

MO was down over 8%, it now yields a whopping 9%, and I find this dividend to be safe.
I added $556

O was down over 26%. Ironically they increased their dividend today. O now yields 6.8%, basically double a few days ago. The fall has been unprecendented.
I added $736

GD was down over 9%. It now yields around 3.7%, a lot for a company that usually yields in the low 2%.
I added $243

Both MO and GD are now in single digit P/E territory so they are very cheap.

My cash sits at around $25,191.

The amount of dividends that one can now receive for each dollar deployed is substantially more than it was a few weeks ago. The goal is to find companies that can maintain that dividend with good payout ratios and good financials to weather out the Coronavirus situation.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Recent buy: ADP and MSFT

The S&P500 fell around 9% today. I bought towards the latter 1-2 hours of the day on Monday trading.

Previously on last Friday the S&P rose around 10%, and the previous Thursday it fell around 10%. So we have had a lot of huge see saw movements in the S&P that has not been seen before in a long time. This level of volatility offers good bargains over time.

In times like now, it is best to avoid timing and just dollar cost average into the market. Have a predefined list of what stocks to buy and then buy the ones that move progressively lower and the yields move up.

Today I invested around $2167. Not a lot but over the days it will add up. I still have around $20K left in my cash reserve that need to be spent.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Recent buy: V

The S&P fell around 7% today.

I picked up some shares of Visa. Not a lot, just buying on the way down.
Added 4 shares for around $700 USD.

Visa is around 18% off from its highs.

Large price declines are times of great opportunity. I still have around $21,000 in cash with more on the way. As long as I have my job I will keep pouring it into the stock market as it goes lower!

In times of uncertainty, I always look for companies with the strongest financial strength and also consistently increasing earnings and sales (bottom line and top line). Companies I am eyeing right now include: V, MSFT, ADP. I have SYK and ABT also, although their financials are not as strong as the other 3, but still good. I also have GOOGL on the list even though they don't pay a dividend.

Note that my focus now is to acquire more companies that have a growth focus so the dividend yield is not as high on these types of companies.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

February 2020 Dividends Received

February dividends came in at $1218.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
T $300.75 $300.23 $0.52
CLX $190.87 $190.87
PG $126.81 $115.32 $11.49
APD $119.20 $119.20
GIS $112.77 $74.46 $38.31
CL $86.78 $74.00 $12.78
O $75.50 $75.50
SBUX $65.87 $51.67 $14.20
GD $56.48 $56.48
ABT $45.50 $45.50
MA $37.86 $18.99 $18.87
INTEREST $0.38 $0.26 $0.12
$1,218.77 $1,046.98 $171.79

Monday, March 2, 2020

Recent buy: MO, V, SBUX, ADP

The following was added to my portfolio today:

MO: $2339
V: $4062
ADP: $2017
SBUX: $1968

Around $10.3K was spent today. Still have a lot of cash and more cash coming in, so averaging down as the market moves further down.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

January 2020 Dividends Received

Apologies for the late reply, been very busy recently and not been very on time in typing what I have been trying to do with my portfolio. The Coronavirus situation is disturbing my usual ways of life as I travel a lot for business and I had to adapt recently. Coronavirus has also really impacted my portfolio.

I have not purchased any stock for at least the last 3-4 months, so my cash horde is growing. I'll post more about what I plan to do with that this week. I suggest all investors to get a buy list with targets ready and start dripping into them as the market tanks further due to the virus.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
MO $602.69 $525.85 $76.84
PM $479.05 $421.70 $57.35
PEP $212.20 $179.02 $33.18
KMB $154.52 $111.30 $43.22
XEL $139.51 $139.51
ADP $125.90 $125.90
ITW $120.21 $97.27 $22.94
MKC $79.67 $53.35 $26.32
O $73.65 $73.65
SYK $45.97 $40.76 $5.21
MDT $40.55 $40.55
INTEREST $0.25 $0.25

In January we had a very good month. I acquired over $2K in dividends, we broke the 2K barrier.