Thursday, August 27, 2020

Assets top $1,000,000 mark

Yesterday was a big day for me, my portfolio crossed a very critical milestone, a milestone that I had set out to do when I was much younger. I am now still 30 years old, and will think about what I should do next in my life as a goal. I probably should make a very flashy post here, but I just feel the same. Nothing super exciting, nothing is remarkably different after becoming a millionaire. Everything feels the same, but there is a sense of security, and peace, and independence after hitting this milestone.

I had set out when I was 19 to earn my first million by the time I was 30. This led to a sequence of events that led me to the study of my area of expertise and then the industry where I am at now, and then my current profession, and then my financial decisions that I made in my life over the years.

It is the end of August. The end of the month pay checks came in, the dividend checks got added up, and the recent run up in the general indexes in the USA markets (especially the technology NASDAQ sector) has pushed my total net worth up to a bit over $1,000,000 USD.

To be precise, on the market close of 8/27/2020 eastern time, my portfolio in total sat at the following amount in US Dollars:


Monday, August 10, 2020

August 2020 Portfolio Update

I recently updated the Portfolio and Progress pages to reflect the current portfolio value. Currently my net worth of all assets totals around $968,000 US Dollars. The portfolio is making good progress towards the $1M goal.

I actually updated all the data including data in the past to include in the graphs and tables my miscellaneous assets that are not stocks. These include my Toyota vehicle which is fully owned and has around 38K miles, resale value is at $15.3K USD which is around 1.58% of my current portfolio value. Additionally I have assets that are not stocks, these have a fair market value around $17K USD or 1.76% of my total portfolio, this is the value after liquidation fees. I try to keep non-stock assets in the one percent range so these are okay overall, considering my Portfolio is growing to almost 7 figures. My smallest stock positions are already over $10,000 USD and normal positions are in the $25,000 USD size, so miscellaneous assets like these are a small portion of a diversified set of positions.

I own no properties so those do not show up here. And additionally, I have no debts, no student loans and no car loans and no mortgage and no credit card debt, so the assets below are all positive adders to my net worth.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

July 2020 Dividends Received

 Below shows how much dividend cash payments I received for July 2020. The month is a record high. The trend line continues to move upwards as I reinvest in more shares every month.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
MO $687.39 $624.86 $62.53
PM $492.83 $433.83 $59.00
KMB $166.35 $120.72 $45.63
XEL $164.18 $164.18
ADP $155.74 $155.74
KO $153.07 $153.07
ITW $127.13 $103.89 $23.24
O $112.56 $112.56
MKC $80.29 $53.76 $26.53
SYK $55.44 $50.20 $5.24
MDT $52.71 $52.71
INTEREST $0.04 $0.04
$2,247.73 $1,913.00 $334.73