Chart Watchlist: Energy

The Energy stocks here are companies that provide services for oil and gas production and shipment. Energy companies have high returns but are extremely volatile due to their cyclical nature. I require a large discount to the price of energy stocks when I add or purchase shares. The only exception is XOM since it is the highest quality company in the entire sector.

Favorite list: XOM

The graphs below shows share prices in the last 12 months. The companies highlighted in GREEN are what I consider to be more stable in earnings. The names that are BOLDED are what I consider high quality companies.

Major Integrated Oil & Gas
XOM - Exxon Mobil Corporation
CVX - Chevron Corporation
SHEL - Royal Dutch Shell plc (Netherlands)
BP - BP p.l.c. (United Kingdom)

Independent Oil & Gas
COP - ConocoPhillips
SU - Suncor Energy Inc.
OXY - Occidental Petroleum Corporation
EOG - EOG Resources, Inc.


  1. YD,

    I have a question for you in regards to these oil stock prices we've been seeing recently. I'll send an email.


    1. I am sticking with only the quality names. XOM and CVX are names I feel most comfortable with right now. I have been adding to XOM in the falls.