Chart Watchlist - Tech

The graphs below are up to date graphs from one year ago to the latest available market price. I am not a fan of technology stocks will list them here for reference.

Favorite list: ADP
GOOGL and CTSH (no dividend)

The graphs below shows share prices in the last 12 months. The companies highlighted in GREEN are what I consider to be more stable in earnings. The names that are BOLDED are what I consider high quality companies.

Software & IT Services
IBM - International Business Machines Corporation
MSFT - Microsoft Corporation
ADP - Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
PAYX - Paychex, Inc.
CTSH - Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation
ACN - Accenture plc

Communications Equipment
CSCO - Cisco Systems, Inc.
QCOM - QUALCOMM Incorporated

Consumer DevicesOnline Retail
AAPL - Apple Inc.
AMZN -, Inc.

INTC - Intel Corporation
AVGO - Avago technologies Limited (Singapore)

GOOGL - Alphabet Inc.
FB - Facebook, Inc.


  1. Great information. I really like your blog site. I've gotten a lot of good info. Just one question. Why did you get rid of your apple stock? I just bought some last week.

    1. My roughly $2500 in AAPL was liquidated some weeks ago because Apple was a speculative position and I wanted to reduce speculative positions as the market continued to hit newer highs and experience P/E expansion. Apple is a technology stock and for the most part I avoid technology aside from a few dividend aristocrat names which aren't really techy like ADP.

      Technology is a rapidly changing industry. It isn't the same as peanut butter, toilet paper, and toothpaste. Those things don't change much but technology changes every sub-decade. Since I work in the high tech industry I know how things can change really fast and the old guard is bound to change. I want to protect my dividends and my investment philosophy is slow and steady. Highly sporadic and changing industries ain't for me. If investors want high growth, tech has it. However it has its risks. Its analogous to the turtle and the hare. I prefer the turtle. I personally don't want to take that risk since I believe I can hit my goals with lower risk blue chips.

    2. Makes sense. Thanks for the response!

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