Chart Watchlist: Utility

The graphs below are up to date graphs from one year ago to the latest available market price. Utilities are slow and steady. They provide solid income and a cushion during recessionary environments. Utilities see consistent earnings and dividends because everyone needs electricity, gas, and water. Utility dividends will keep up with inflation because the expenses are passed on directly to the end user.

Favorite list: SO, NEE, D, WTR, XEL, WEC

The graphs below shows share prices in the last 12 months. The companies highlighted in GREEN are what I consider to be more stable in earnings. The names that are BOLDED are what I consider high quality companies.
Electric Utilities
D - Dominion Resources, Inc.
NEE - NextEra Energy, Inc.
SO - Southern Company
WEC - WEC Energy Group, Inc.
XEL - Xcel Energy Inc.
ED - Consolidated Edicon, Inc.
DUK - Duke Energy Corporation
LNT - Alliant Energy Corporation

Diversified Utilities
AVA - Avista Corp.
SRE - Sempra Energy

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