Monday, July 25, 2016

Recent buy: SYK $3040

Tomorrow morning I will be buying $3040 of SYK. SYK is an extremely steady and consistent medical devices maker. Take a look at Stryker's earnings history in the graphs below. In the past they have paid dividends once a year. They have recently paid dividends quarterly. Overall, they have increased dividends to shareholders every year. Healthcare medical devices makers are one of my favorite industries. Their industry has consistent earnings and will improve as the aging American population starts visiting the hospitals more. People will pay for medical care even during harsh economic times.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Recent buy: JNJ

On short notice, I have added $2500 to JNJ after they announced an earnings beat. I bought 20 shares for $2499 total which includes one buy trade commission. I now have $15,600 in JNJ. It is my largest holding at 6.45% weighting.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Recent buy: MDT, MCD, UTX ...

These buys will be executing Tuesday morning.

I have in the last month been trying to reduce my cash positions since my cash weightings have been continuously rising as my paychecks come in. My purchases in the coming weeks will most likely be less and will be more in line with whatever remaining money from my regular paycheck I allocate for investing. Although $10k is a lot of cash, my cash reserves are replenished rather quickly as long as I continue having my daily job. Since my cost of living is a small percentage of my take home income and my debt to income ratio is basically 0, I have large flows of money I can deploy every month to my investments.


Edit: Account didn't have enough funds to execute the Clorox buy.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Recent buy: JNJ, RAI, MMM, KHC

I will be executing the following purchases tomorrow:

MMM3M CO$2,000.00

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Recent buy: BDX and MDT

Today I added the following two healthcare stocks:

MDT $1250
BDX $1900

I have another order placed in my 401k for more MDT but the limit order didn't execute successfully today since the price wasn't met.

My rating for my favorite healthcare stock is JNJ in first place, then MDT, then BDX, then ABT.

Both JNJ, BDX, and MDT appear to be recession-proof in terms of earnings and dividend growth. The earnings and dividend growth is extremely predictable (by analysts) and is always steadily increasing. That is my type of business. Stable and highly important in today's aging Baby Boomer population.

Friday, July 1, 2016

June 2016 Portfolio Summary

At the moment of writing this, it is the morning on 6/30/2016.

Market Summary:
The June month was focused strongly around the Brexit vote. The market was rather uncertain coming up to the vote but eventually believed that Britain would vote to stay, leading to a rally right before the votes. The resulting vote was for Britain to exit the EU. This cause a lot of shock and the pound dropped instantly and many markets including the USA had their indexes plummet. We saw the S&P drop from $2113 to $1992. Eventually the S&P rebounded. I really hope this rebound is temporary as I was really hoping for a Brexit to cause tanking share prices for bargain basement deals.

Brexit or not, I will continue investing in companies that are decent value. I will be willing to pay a premium for high quality companies. I believe in dollar cost averaging my investments since I don't think that I am smart enough to time the markets.

June 2016 Dividends Received

I received a nice paycheck this June. It was much larger than the last. The total is $473.49

My 5 largest payers this month are:
Johnson and Johnson (JNJ)
Dominion Resources (D)
Southern Company (SO)
Pepsi (PEP)
Exxon (XOM)

All of the cash was reinvested back into the companies that paid them. January, March, June, and December are the months that have more of my companies paying their dividends. Looking forward, I will now have Home Depot paying in the 1/3/6/12 months, a position I started recently this month.