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  1. Hello again. It's me Shane
    I have a question. What are your thoughts on PM stock? Especially now after the news about them going away from tobacco. Is it still a really good dividend stock to hold onto for the long run?

    In my portfolio I have only 10 stocks (MO, JNJ, V, PM, MA, ADP, T, VZ, PEP, KO) and a mutual fund (VWENX) Vanguard Wellington Fund. Admiral Shares. For now the VWENX is my core holding in my portfolio. Every month I put money in both my stocks and M/F. I want to eventually put more and more into my stocks.

    Anyhow as far as stocks go, I'm heavily weighted in MO, JNJ, V, PM, MA. I really like my MO (and everything I've read about). I only picked up PM because every time I read about MO, people always say long MO & PM. So I thought it good to have both. But I've always had reservations about PM because that deals with foreign markets. I like MO because it's American and it's a little more diversified.

    I want to add more to my MO, and because of talks about PM eventually moving away from tobacco, I was entertaining the idea of selling off my PM to move into MO.

    Any thoughts on the matter?

    Thanks again

    1. I doubt PM will stop selling smokes. The CEO's message was more of a propaganda to describe the future growth potential of IQOS.

      I prefer not to invest in funds and only stocks. Your stocks are high quality and fine. I would continue to hold MO and PM and would not do anything with PM. PM will experience headwinds temporarily due to the strengthening dollar. PM is where the growth is at, not so much MO. PM has the whole world to expand. MO is already saturated in the US and can only grow with margin expansion through efficiency improvements and price increase. Currency headwinds are temporary and fluctuate.


  2. Thank you, Young Dividend, for your post on SA. I am the fellow young dividend growth investor. I have just started the past 4 months. I really enjoy the charts you've made and it encourages me we are selecting the same companies and I see things have performed well for you. Will keep following throughout the year... Alexander

  3. Hello,I often read your blog .
    I'm 21 years old university student in Japan .
    I'm investing Altria much money in my portfolio too.
    By the way your net worth' s growth is very big!
    Is your salary very big?

  4. You have a great dividend portfolio blog. I am curious about your thoughts on Compass Minerals (ticker: CMP)?

    1. I haven't been following CMP. I am not a fan of materials type companies aside from my dividend aristocrat Air Products and Chemicals (APD). Materials are too cyclical for me and it makes me question the dividend coverage when the economy is bad.

  5. How did you put so much money in stock? I only make 40k a year

  6. Hi, what will you replace Bard with, now that they're being acquired by Becton Dickinson? Also, what would you recommend for a little more tilt towards growth? Thanks so much for your blog!

    1. I would buy even more BDX. Or SYK.
      For growth I like V/MA and TJX/ROST.

  7. I want to know your thoughts on Iron Mountain INC (Ticker : IRM)

  8. Hello, I currently use the Robinhood app and have a fairly similar strategy to yours, as in buying higher than average stable dividend companies with growth potential. My account is currently just under 10k and I was wondering if it's worth it to switch to a brokerage that offers a DRIP. So would paying for commissions be worth the DRIP? Also, for someone basically just starting this strategy what are some companies you would suggest starting with? Thanks!

    1. Robinhood can sort of do a DRIP. Robinhood has no commission. You pay for that with less control over your buy or sell price. The problem with this setup is you get whatever price Robinhood gives you as they bundle your order with other orders, so you have no control of the buy or sell price which isn't so good in my opinion if you're buying a lot of shares. What if there is a flash crash, then you get ripped off. Or perhaps Robinhood charges a small % and tabs that onto the price you pay per share and uses that to pay its " free commission".

      Robinhood doesn't have dividend reinvestment which is unfortunate. But what you can do is setup a buy transaction (for 'free') whenever you get dividends paid. If your dividend paid is so small I don't know if Robinhood would allow you to submit say a sub-$1 trade.

      You can also setup a buy transaction periodically every week or every month to buy more shares of your company for 'free'. Which is similar to a DRIP's periodic investment into a stock. I think there's no need to change but once your portfolio grows I recommend you change to something more professional.

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