Sunday, August 24, 2014

Buys 8/21 and 8/22

On 8/21 before the market close, I purchased 20 shares of ROST at $69.49. ROST was scheduled to release their earnings after the market close on this day. TJX recently reported spectacular earnings a couple days ago, which led their stock price to jump dramatically. It seems like brick and mortar clothing stores are still alive and well. ROST is very similar to TJX. I have positions in both companies and believed ROST would have good results like TJX did.

The earnings report ended up working out for me very well. ROST instantly jumped to $74.37 on Friday, which gave me an instant 4.88$ boost per share. After the recent climb, I may trim my position in ROST and TJX for bluer companies that pay a higher dividend. I have made a quick penny with TJX and ROST so far. The brick and mortar trash talk had gone too far and I feel TJX and ROST were far too undervalued.

ROST recent history:

TJX recent history:

On 8/22 before the Friday market close, I also initiated a position in BAX. I bought 8 shares at $75.19. This should add a handsome $16.63 dollars of dividends per year. I plan to add more to BAX if it drops further.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Purchase plans mid August

I have deposited $2000 into my brokerage account and it should be available this coming Thursday. I have plans to add stocks that will help diversity my sector holdings. Currently I am low on utilities, financials, and industrials. I plan to consider the following stocks off the top of my head, but will investigate further in the coming week. Unfortunately stocks have rallied back up again after last week's precipitous fall so some stocks aren't as cheap as I would like.

Utilities: DUK, SO
Financials: ARCP, HCP, WFC, BNS, AFL, CB
Industrials: MMM, DE, CSX, UTX, LMT, RTN

Updated Goals page to include desired portfolio sector weights

I updated the bottom of my Goals page to include the sector weightings I am working towards. I also included a list of stocks that I find desirable, which were used in a simulation to estimate volatility. Refer to the "Goal"  page link at the top to see the details.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Recent Buy Week 8/11

I have added 10 shares of AT&T to my taxable dividend portfolio. The addition totals $345.40 which will provide around $18.3 of annual dividend income.

8 shares of VZ for a total of $391 invested. This will add around $17 in annual income

1 measly share of COP for $80.4. This will add $2.75 in annual income.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Buys and Watchlist Mid August

My current taxable + Roth IRA stands as the following. This does not include 401k.

Taxable + Roth IRA Portfolio Holdings
TickerSectorMarket ValuePEYieldAnnual DivsBetaWeight
Total:Avg YieldAnnual Divs

The portfolio has broken the $30,000 barrier. If I allocate the remaining cash to dividend stocks, my annual dividends will hit $1200 which averages to around $100 a month. Time to celebrate this weekend :)

Recent additions from the pullback this week:
KMB - $425.46
KO - $476.60
CVX - $1509.92
COP - $561.00
T - $241.71
These additions will add around $100 of annual dividends! All of these companies are dividend champions (except for COP which is Dividend Contender) so chances are they will continue to raise dividends every year.

Stock transfer:
I wanted to fix some of the tax inefficiencies in my portfolios. There was little to no capital gain or loss in any of these positions and my taxable account has no commission as of now so this change was not a big deal. For the future I will want to keep REITs only in my Roth IRA. If my Roth IRA is maxed I will add REITs to the Taxable.
I moved O to my Roth IRA for tax reasons.
VZ was moved to the Taxable but I ended up exchanging it for more position in gas.
ARCP was moved away from Taxable and will be added to the Roth IRA soon (again for tax reasons).

Watchlist: The market has rebounded a bit from the pull back this last week. Friday was a nice day as all my positions increased. There are still some stocks that are of really good value.
  • WAG (brutal sell off this week after announcement of no inversion!)
  • SO (needs to be below 42)
  • KMB
  • KO
  • T
  • VZ
  • KRFT
  • IBM (needs to hit around 180-182)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August cleanup & goal update & buys

August will be a time for me to cleanup my portfolio and ensure that the positions I hold are what I will be happy with for the long term. I have had the luxury of having free trades for a couple months when I opened a new account with my online broker.

The market during the beginning of August was a nice change. The S&P500 dipped around 3.5% and I saw a lot of stocks that I wanted to buy come on sale. 

I have recently started a small new position in AT&T on 7/28 and Visa on 7/29.
I added to MCD and KO
I traded some position in RTN and SDRL and WMT for 1000$ in Realty (O).

I am currently eyeing several stocks that have dipped significantly. I have around $5200 of funds being added this month, and hopefully some of these stocks are on sale when the funds are finished transferring.

High interest:

Moderate interest:

I have also updated the look of the "Portfolio" page. The "Progress" page has been updated with a new graph that has a more aggressive plan. The "Progress" page has also been updated to include a table of what stocks pay me dividends every month. I will continuously update this page as I buy more stocks and the monthly income goes up.