Saturday, June 16, 2018

May 2018 Portfolio Summary

In this post I will go over my current portfolio status. The portfolio has been growing at a faster rate recently due to share price accumulation and some non-reoccurring income that I cashed in during May to June. I'll start the portfolio summary with a short summary of what the environment is like in the market. Let's start with some charts of various market KPIs.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Some charts back up

My Portfolio Charts are back up (link on top of page). The new charting tool is interactive instead of just being a standing picture.

I had to break up the portfolio charts to two pages since there were too many charts to display on one page and it slows down the browser as the charts are not interactive.

For my Watchlist charts (link on right), those are still under construction and should be back hopefully in another week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Site's stock charting is down

Looks like Scottrade has got bought out by TD Ameritrade a few months ago and this week TD changed the Scottrade embedded charting feature.

I will have to work on updating the charting system for the blog, so for the time being charts are unfortunately down :(

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Recent buy: V, CLX, KMB, PG, PEP

Added the following today

V $1330
CLX $1000
KMB $300
PG $300
PEP $400

Visa is slowly climbing to my #1 position in my portfolio. Here are my top 5s:
When I started the portfolio 4-5 years ago I thought $3000 was a large position. Now these positions are each big enough to buy their own new car.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Recent buy: MSFT, APD, PEP, KMB, NEE, etc

I plan to couple my purchases with lower yields and higher yields. This way I can maintain an average yield in the 2.5-3.0% range. Lower yielding companies are often ones I like due to their growth profile.

For example I can pair a Visa with a Pepsico
Or a Microsoft with AT&T
Or Stryker with Kimberly Clark.

So far in the last week and this week I purchased the following. Total costs for all these trades is around $8.
MSFT $2600
APD $326
NEE $163
ITW $146
PEP $200
KMB $100
ADP $132
V $130
MCD $159
CLX $120
XEL $134

I have topped up my Microsoft position quite a bit now. Going forward I am interested in increasing my weight in my lower yielding stocks like: SYK, V, MA, ROST, TJX (however this guy ran up way too much hard to justify a buy), ABT, GD, HON, ITW.

I will likely have to pair these purchases with a higher yielder and I am considering PEP, KMB, PG, WEC, GIS, KHC, JNJ, CLX, T.

My portfolio currently looks like this. Visa and Mastercard are growing quite large. They are performing very well on their own.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May 2018 Dividends Received

Here is the cash dividends I got in May 2018. May is a light month. In June month I am expecting $1230 and July around $1250.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
T $187.37 $187.37
PG $74.16 $63.14 $11.02
O $57.06 $57.06
CLX $49.78 $49.78
APD $45.58 $45.58
SBUX $38.07 $27.98 $10.09
GIS $32.17 $32.17
CL $26.47 $26.47
MA $20.14 $8.27 $11.87
ABT $19.49 $19.49
GD $16.80 $16.80
INTEREST $0.75 $0.31 $0.44
$567.84 $445.19 $122.65

Nothing out of the ordinary. Dividends come in and get spent on more shares of stock. Dividends are continuing to grow at a constant rate.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

April 2018 Portfolio Summary

This will be a quick summary since I had not much free time recently. My portfolio was on autopilot mode in the last few weeks. Nothing has really changed. Dividends came in, got reinvested. Some purchases were deployed in May.

The S&P500 has been very volatile lately. There have been ongoing discussions with the North Korea, trade tariffs, and Italy. The dollar has increased in strength in the last month. And crude oil prices are higher than earlier in the year but have recently pulled back.


My portfolio has the majority of its assets in consumer staples. This sector has not fared well so my portfolio has sat rather still for the last several months. There are several factors holding the capital appreciation back of these stocks despite many of them having higher earnings and higher dividends. Interest rates are going up which puts pressure on high dividend paying stocks since bonds become more competitive. There are inflation concerns due to tariffs on foreign import and gas prices are going up, additionally there are shortages in services such as shipping. Trade war tensions cause concern for multinational consumer staples.

Technology has been performing the best as they are rather sheltered from the many problems listed previously. I do not have many stocks allocated to that sector due to a lot of those types of companies not offering a dividend. The goal of my portfolio is income growth in the form of dividends, not capital gains. So although my portfolio is lagging recently the income continues to grow and I am still on track to meet my target goals. I am however working on diversifying more into Healthcare, Industrial, and Technology sectors.  Microsoft is a new technology position I have been working on adding into my portfolio.

I do want to add more to utilities but I think interest rates are going to rise more rapidly due to the growth of our economy. Utilities on paper should become cheaper with rising interest rates due to their high use of debt. I think there will be better entry points. I also expect my high dividend paying stocks like my consumer staples to lower in value as rates continue to rise, as investors will start to shift to safer bonds for income instead of dividend stocks.

I find many consumer staples to be very attractive here. For example Pepsico has a 3.7% yield which is very high compared to its historical trend. Kimberly Clark is at 4%. Clorox at 3.2%. P&G is almost at 4% too. And MO and PM are all above 5.0% which is getting more realistic compared to the 3% yields they sat originally. These are all high quality dividend aristocrat type of stocks and if one doesn't have a heavy position in consumer staples I feel it is a good time to add some and then add later if it continues to fall. Unfortunately since I am so heavy in staples, I cannot add as much as I would like due to my goals of diversification.