Saturday, July 18, 2020

My portfolio crossed $900,000 USD

Apologies to readers and followers, my blog has been rather dead on portfolio updates in the last few months. The blog has only been posting my dividend income and buys, I have been very pre-occupied with my vocation and my investing research that I have not had a time to sit down and write.

Now it is mid July, the year 2020 started off normal but then became a roller coaster ride after the outbreak of the Wuhan Coronavirus spread throughout the globe. My portfolio became a "V" shape, and actually I was expecting a "W" shape to happen as well, but that second drop down has yet to happen.

The portfolio from the peak in early 2020 was around $860K and it fell all the way to $630K when everyone was shouting the end of the world, this was the depths of despair. On Friday 7/17/2020, the day when the majority of assets I owned had a run up, largely consumer staples and utilities and healthcare and some fintech, my portfolio crossed the $900K threshold level and ended the week around $903K. Moving from $630K to $900K (large majority being just market movement in paper values of equities) was surely a roller coaster ride. I stayed the course and held the companies that I had owned for many years.

In addition to my portfolio's paper asset value, the income generated by the portfolio's positions per year is now over $23,000 USD a year. So both portfolio net worth and income produced are moving up steadily as planned, to our $1 million dollar net worth target.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Recent buy: O, MMM, KO, GIS ...

Added the following today. Nothing exciting here, just adding normal dividend paying, not super high growth, not very low growth, just moderate normal dividend paying companies that are high quality.

O: $2591
MMM: $800
KO: $740
GIS: $713
KMB: $716
GD: $744
HON: $766
MDT: $668

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Recent buy: GIS, COST, MMM, MSFT, PEP ...

I bought the following on 7/9/2020 a Thursday when the market was decreasing.

I added some quantities into the following positions:

GIS $1250
COST $979
MMM $458
MSFT $640
PEP $531
CHD $244
GD $420