Monday, March 9, 2020

Recent buy: V

The S&P fell around 7% today.

I picked up some shares of Visa. Not a lot, just buying on the way down.
Added 4 shares for around $700 USD.

Visa is around 18% off from its highs.

Large price declines are times of great opportunity. I still have around $21,000 in cash with more on the way. As long as I have my job I will keep pouring it into the stock market as it goes lower!

In times of uncertainty, I always look for companies with the strongest financial strength and also consistently increasing earnings and sales (bottom line and top line). Companies I am eyeing right now include: V, MSFT, ADP. I have SYK and ABT also, although their financials are not as strong as the other 3, but still good. I also have GOOGL on the list even though they don't pay a dividend.

Note that my focus now is to acquire more companies that have a growth focus so the dividend yield is not as high on these types of companies.


  1. I mean, what's not to love about Visa. Its interested expanding their performance chart to 5 years. Even with the pullback, their stock performance is still insane.


  2. I saw this post the other day and have been following V closely. Today I was able to pick up 13 shares at just under $150/share. I normally go for stocks with yields 2%+ but this just seemed too good a deal to pass up. Appreciate your insights YD.