Monday, September 30, 2019

August 2019 Portfolio Summary

Will post this summary using data as of end of September, a bit behind on my reporting. Will make this short and keep it more visual than text.

Portfolio has been moving up and down around the $750K range for a while. A lot of turmoil in the Sino US trade war, which affects investor optimism. The $1M mark is coming closer, however it will still require a lot of work to get there. I am not sure if I can reach it, but it doesn't really matter, I will just push the goal out another year. It doesn't matter if I hit it one year faster or slower. The goal is the very long term, many decades out. After my first $1M I will shoot for the next million, and eventually each million becomes progressively easier to obtain, and my goal will then be $10M.

August 2019 Dividends Received

Was too busy to post this earlier. August dividends are listed as below.
September is coming to an end as well, will post that report soon.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
T $247.43 $247.43
CLX $170.40 $170.40
PG $125.23 $113.88 $11.35
APD $118.01 $118.01
GIS $83.19 $45.59 $37.60
CL $80.57 $67.95 $12.62
O $72.23 $72.23
SBUX $57.35 $44.99 $12.36
GD $46.73 $46.73
ABT $36.95 $36.95
MA $31.16 $15.63 $15.53
INTEREST $0.61 $0.61
$1,069.86 $908.17 $161.69

Recent buy: T and CLX

The following amounts were added to my portfolio today:

CLX: $1519
T: $1476

I have $10K sitting to invest, so will decide what else to add.
My annual dividends now is at $19,247. It is getting very close to the $20K a year in dividend income mark.