Monday, March 16, 2020

Recent buy: ADP and MSFT

The S&P500 fell around 9% today. I bought towards the latter 1-2 hours of the day on Monday trading.

Previously on last Friday the S&P rose around 10%, and the previous Thursday it fell around 10%. So we have had a lot of huge see saw movements in the S&P that has not been seen before in a long time. This level of volatility offers good bargains over time.

In times like now, it is best to avoid timing and just dollar cost average into the market. Have a predefined list of what stocks to buy and then buy the ones that move progressively lower and the yields move up.

Today I invested around $2167. Not a lot but over the days it will add up. I still have around $20K left in my cash reserve that need to be spent.

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