Monday, April 23, 2018

Recent buy: PM, PG, KMB, MMM, etc

The consumer staples companies are getting extremely cheap. The yields are getting very attractive and many of these companies are very high quality. I have taken a sizable hit to my portfolio due to the drop in PM and MO and other consumer staples. However my income from these companies continues to grow. I think the selling is overdone as consumer staples today are now the "unpopular" group shunned in favor of technology and industrials. Today I added the following.

PM: $501
PG: $219
PEP: $204
JNJ: $381
MMM: $433
ITW: $157
CLX: $114
KMB: $196

Trades were executed for free.
I added small amounts. I want to add more to Altria (MO) but will wait until they announce earnings. I still have a lot of cash left (~$20,000) so I was planning to steadily add in over the next days / weeks. I have found it's best to do large additions slowly instead of all at once to avoid risk.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Recent buy: JNJ, MMM, APD, etc

I bought the following yesterday:

JNJ:  $1174
MMM: $2851
APD: $816
ABT: $533
CLX: $256
WEC: $313

I paid $8 total for trades for 3M, the others were free.
Right now my cash position is around $20,000. To see what my portfolio looks like now I updated my Portfolio page:

I plan to steadily move the cash in all at once as nowadays the market moves up and down quite heavily. It's good to catch some of the down days if possible.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

March 2018 Dividends Received

It's that time of the month again. Time to count the dividend payments I received in the last month, March 2018.

I currently have two accounts. One is my brokerage account which I call taxable as the income is taxed. The 401k is my retirement brokerage account with my employer. The 401k dividends are not taxed which is great. I tend to hold not so tax friendly securities like REITs in my 401k.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
JNJ $163.32 $157.92 $5.40
HD $130.67 $101.44 $29.23
NEE $125.47 $95.31 $30.16
PEP $109.72 $82.86 $26.86
D $98.48 $54.01 $44.47
MMM $78.46 $78.46
BDX $58.38 $58.38
O $56.45 $56.45
WEC $49.25 $37.09 $12.16
V $41.60 $29.96 $11.64
ROST $41.01 $41.01
KHC $40.53 $40.53
MCD $32.90 $32.90
CHD $32.71 $18.91 $13.80
TJX $26.22 $26.22
SO $0.58 $0.58
INTEREST $0.54 $0.01 $0.53
$1,086.29 $855.59 $230.70