Thursday, December 6, 2018

November 2018 Portfolio Summary

The market has been volatile recently. It has been range bound for several weeks primarily on fears of the escalating trade war with China and the slight slow down of the American economy. There rae discussions about the rise in interest rates slowing things down, and talk about how the boost from this year's tax cut will not be so evident next year.

The S&P500 looks like it's testing its lows again. Dollar is relatively strong. And oil is very cheap, appearing to bottom at around $50. Overall things look quite unpredictable right now in terms of where the index will head. There are too many outside variables that happen on the news day to day. For example, the American government arrested the CFO of Huawei today in Vancouver for violating Iranian sanctions. This increased uncertainty due to escalating tensions between China and the US. This type of event happened with Chinese ZTE in the past and it did not help the market calm down.

Since it is impossible for me to predict the market, my objective is very simple. Acquire high quality companies that pay dividends with very safe payout ratios. For every dollar that I earn from my vocation, I save a good percentage and allocate them to income producing stock. I don't time the market but instead deploy capital periodically (i.e. every 2 weeks to every month). The graph I focus most on is the growth of the forward annual dividends my portfolio will generate, not the net worth of my portfolio. I expect the net worth of my portfolio to climb steadily over time as the shares I own will continuously increase their dividend year after year. Net worth is secondary to income growth. If an asset generates more income, the more valuable it will become.

Additionally, any dividend income I get I reallocate back into the stocks that paid them. Since I am young and in the accumulation stage of my life, my goal is to collect as many shares as possible and then let the shares compound on their own. I expect each of the shares I purchase will be able to increase their dividend year after year, further amplifying the income compounding effect.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Recent buy: large purchase

I decided to deploy around $44,000 across my various positions today. I could of bought a nice car or down-payment for a house but I decided to plop it in income investments. This is a large purchase for me and will boost my dividend income quite noticeably.

It is hard for me to time the market. I do not foresee needing this cash in the next year and my vocational income comes in every 2 weeks. My emergency cash fund is sufficient for my low expense lifestyle and the dividend income now per month is large enough to pay for a lot of random things if needed. So I decided to deploy it sooner than later as I am focusing on increasing my passive income. I sprayed it across basically all my positions.

*edit: I did not pay for trades as I get several a month from my broker
Trade  Action  Security  Quantity  Last Price  Total Paid
Buy   GIS  84 $41.19 $3,459.96
Buy   GD  6 $181.21 $1,087.26
Buy   ABT  10 $73.99 $739.90
Buy   MDT  5 $98.66 $493.30
Buy   HON  3 $149.26 $447.78
Buy   MCD  3 $185.26 $555.78
Buy   CL  46 $63.49 $2,920.54
Buy   SYK  5 $174.25 $871.25
Buy   SBUX  14 $67.67 $947.38
Buy   MSFT  6 $111.80 $670.80
Buy   D  10 $74.80 $748.00
Buy   TJX  22 $48.37 $1,064.14
Buy   CHD  10 $65.82 $658.20
Buy   WEC  27 $72.65 $1,961.55
Buy   KMB  13 $112.88 $1,467.44
Buy   KO  20 $49.39 $987.80
Buy   PG  32 $92.68 $2,965.76
Buy   T  16 $31.60 $505.60
Buy   ITW  7 $139.37 $975.59
Buy   CLX  12 $164.10 $1,969.20
Buy   ADP  5 $146.77 $733.85
Buy   APD  14 $165.08 $2,311.12
Buy   XEL  34 $52.60 $1,788.40
Buy   MMM  5 $208.59 $1,042.95
Buy   MKC  3 $150.91 $452.73
Buy   MA  5 $207.33 $1,036.65
Buy   ROST  14 $85.07 $1,190.98
Buy   BDX  3 $252.15 $756.45
Buy   NEE  5 $181.94 $909.70
Buy   PEP  15 $118.13 $1,771.95
Buy   HD  3 $181.42 $544.26
Buy   V  10 $144.70 $1,447.00
Buy   PM  25 $86.69 $2,167.25
Buy   JNJ  10 $145.70 $1,457.00
Buy   MO  17 $55.56 $944.52
TOTAL:  $44,052.04

Sunday, December 2, 2018

November 2018 Dividends Received

Dividends received are shown below.
November is a light paying month due to my portfolio holding less positions that pay then.
Due to recent additions to the portfolio, for December I am aiming for around $1350 and January $1620 in monthly dividends.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
T $208.73 $208.73
CLX $80.46 $80.46
APD $72.67 $72.67
PG $72.27 $72.27
O $58.69 $58.69
SBUX $46.24 $33.98 $12.26
GIS $36.35 $3.47 $32.88
CL $28.94 $28.94
ABT $24.45 $24.45
MA $21.95 $10.05 $11.90
GD $20.69 $20.69
PG $11.22 $11.22
INTEREST $3.52 $3.52

$686.18 $555.71 $130.47

Steady as she goes. The portfolio climbs bit by bit every quarter.