Chart Watchlist: REIT

The graphs below are up to date graphs from one year ago to the latest available market price. I find that REIT increases volatility in my portfolio but their income and FFO are very consistent for well run REITs. These companies are sensitive to interest rates.

Favorite list: O, FRT, PSA

The graphs below shows share prices in the last 12 months. The companies highlighted in GREEN are what I consider to be more stable in earnings. The names that are BOLDED are what I consider high quality companies.

O - Realty Income Corporation
FRT - Federal Realty Income Trust

PSA - Public Storage
DLR - Digital Realty Trust Inc.

Diversified REITs
WPC - W. P. Carey Inc.
NNN - National Retail Properties, Inc.

Health Facilities
VTR - Ventas, Inc.
UHT - Universal Health Realty Income Trust
OHI - Omega Healthcare Investors Inc.

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