Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Recent buy: RAI PG VZ ...

Added the following today:

RAI $3950
PG $1000
VZ $1000
NSRGY $500
PEP $1500

Thursday, March 3, 2016

February 2016 Portfolio Summary

Update: I will be saving a large portion in the coming months of 2016 to start a 20% down payment for my first house. I have decided that purchasing has slightly more pros than renting for my situation, and I have been fond of the idea of owning a place to live for myself. As a result the blog buys will slow down since I will be only making purchases for my retirement account. My cash holdings will be growing.

My goal is income accumulation. I want to be able to rely on my dividends to pay for all of my living and leisure expenses. I want my dividends to grow every year by themselves, without me having to add any more. I want my dividends to be safe and I for the majority part hold shares in very stable, high cash flow, recession resistant companies. My goal is to reach $30k in annual dividends from an equity holding averaging $1million in less than a decade (see About page).

My philosophy is to spend money wisely but not to save too much such that it hinders quality of life. Health and wellness are important to me and it helps that I am not materialistic. Health and wellness are priority 1 and planning for my future is priority 2.

The stock market has recovered in February. But it is still shocked from the bump earlier this year. The super freaking strong dollar is still super freaking strong.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Recent buy: Dominion

All the other utilities have shot up but Dominion remains relatively low compared to its heights. Dominion is growing and their dividend/cash flow growth rate is impressive for a stable utility. I like the starting 4% yield as well.

49 shares bought at $69.75 or a total of $3417
This will add around $137 in dividends a year.

February 2016 Dividends Received

Another February came and passed. But this time with more dividends!

Ticker          Total        Taxable        Roth IRA               401k
T $58.70 $58.70
HCP $37.17 $37.17
GIS $33.48 $21.77 $11.71
O $30.62 $30.62
VZ $23.37 $23.37
PG $22.71 $22.71
ABBV $18.13 $18.13
CL $13.17 $13.17
ABT $12.22 $12.22
AAPL $11.63 $11.63
MA $8.94 $8.94
SBUX $7.69 $7.69
APD $7.17 $7.17
CVS $5.79 $5.79
$290.79 $202.35 $67.79 $20.65

Heavy hitters this month are AT&T, HCP, and General Mills.

Last February I got around $150. This year's February was $290 so it is a decent boost. My dividend growth like it it's flattened but I think it will pick up later this year since some of my recent additions didn't catch the ex-dividend date.