Friday, September 25, 2020

September 2020 Portfolio Update

After the recent market pullback, the portfolio has recently dropped back from its highs of around $1,010,000 USD to the present value of $962K USD. The market is around 8% from its highs, with the low point being close to 10% off the highs. The pullback offered some better prices, but most prices are still very over valued from what I was looking for. The buying time was definitely in late Q1 to early Q2 of this year. I am confident one day I will cross over the $1M mark again, as I had done so for my past "targets" like the first $100K, the quarter million, and the half million thresholds.

The graph below shows the total portfolio value over the last few weeks. The market movements now dictate how the portfolio behaves, from a total equity worth point of view. With around a million dollars invested, a 1% drop in the market is a $10,000 USD drop in the paper value. Quite a lot relative to what I can invest periodically. The contributions I make from my job or dividends are still relevant in helping the portfolio push itself upward, but its impact is not as strong as when I started.