Sunday, May 26, 2019

April 2019 Portfolio Summary

My monthly summary is coming late, I have not had a real chance to update the plots and data until today. To make a quick summary, the portfolio is maintaining steady with my high savings rate and salary contribution. The overall US market has been trending downwards, due to what appears to be escalating trade tensions between the US and China, my contributions help to offset these declines.

As of 5/24/2019, the portfolio is getting really close to the $700K mark. The portfolio is also now outputting $18K in forward annual dividends. As of now, the dividend growth rate is around 10.5% (around 13% with dividends reinvested) were I to stop any additional contributions. In the last 2 years, my portfolio has grown noticeably compared to when I began. The overall stock market prices and dividends have surged in that timeframe and my consistent income contributions also boosted the total asset size upward. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

April 2019 Dividends Received

Here's the April cash generation:

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
MO $500.12 $430.52 $69.60
PM $436.46 $382.88 $53.58
XEL $128.31 $128.31
KMB $126.66 $84.43 $42.23
KO $107.15 $107.15
ITW $106.08 $85.08 $21.00
ADP $76.53 $76.53
MKC $70.75 $46.81 $23.94
O $68.46 $68.46
MDT $36.95 $36.95
SYK $30.92 $26.24 $4.68
$1,688.39 $1,404.90 $283.49