Chart Watchlist: Financial

I prefer not to own bank equities but list them here anyway. My preference is on companies with more consistent earnings.

Favorite list: V

The graphs below shows share prices in the last 12 months. The companies highlighted in GREEN are what I consider to be more stable in earnings. The names that are BOLDED are what I consider high quality companies.

Credit Cards
V - Visa Inc.
MA - MasterCard Incorporated

WFC - Wells Fargo & Company
TD - The Toronto-Dominion Bank (Canada)
USB - U.S. Bancorp
BNS - The Bank of Nova Scotia (Canada)

Asset Management
TROW - T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.
BLK - BlackRock, Inc.
AMP - Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
BEN - Franklin Resources, Inc.

AFL - Aflac Incorporated
CB - Chubb Ltd


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