Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Recent buy: GIS $2124

An order for 36 shares of GIS was placed today. The trades should be executed tomorrow morning. It will total around $2124 which is around $70 in dividends additionally every year.


  1. I have my eyes on GIS as well. Thanks for the update!

  2. I topped off my SCG today. been also eyeing GPC, GIS, APD, HRL, among others!

    Do you plan on adding any new positions to your portfolio or simply filling out your current ones?

    1. My favorite companies are predominantly the ones I already own. Don't really have any others I would really want at the moment since my "tops" are in my portfolio already.

      I am considering adding to APD and HRL as well. APD is more cyclical for my taste but it's high quality. HRL's yield is lower but I like its business and growth.

  3. Nice addition YD. I recently initiated a new position in GIS myself. I think that it is a great stock that is just in the process of shifting their focus to keep up with popular trends. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Young Div -

    DAYUM! The wallop there! Nice work and it appears general mills has been very common of a purchase lately, love the divvys and love consumer food companies!


  5. I like the pick up. GIS is on my mind too and I just listed it as one of my stocks for consideration in April. The food staples are looking unloved which is usually a good time to pick up some shares. HRL is in the same boat and also looking better these days. Thanks for sharing.