Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017 Dividends Received

Another month. More cash, around $300 was deployed on more stock. There was less this month than other months because February is a light month since I don't hold many companies that pay in Feb. Below are my payouts for February 2017.

Ticker      Total    Taxable    Roth IRA         401k
GIS $61.54 $48.48 $13.06
SBUX $46.09 $37.84 $8.25
O $41.14 $33.77 $7.37
T $35.99 $35.99
VZ $25.39 $25.39
APD $24.24 $24.24
Interest $20.12 $20.12
PG $17.82 $17.82
ABT $15.85 $15.85
CL $13.82 $13.82
MA $12.53 $2.17 $10.36
CLX $11.46 $11.46
BCR $1.88 $1.88
$327.87 $229.67 $59.16 $39.04

For March I am expecting $630 in dividends, and April I am expecting a large $800 check in dividends.


  1. Good stuff YD. That $300 is still a solid total considering that February is a slower paying month and it looks like about a $50 increase from November. I'm really hoping to get a chance to add more companies that pay in January and February but most of those companies are overvalued right now but I have a few on my radar should they ever come down in price. All the best in March.

  2. Quarterly average creeping up which is the number I look at, big growth from the previous quarter even though you had a "slow February"

  3. That's a nice sum for a 'light' month. Always happy to see quiet a few names in common paying us last month too. Keep up the good work. Your income trend is moving ever higher!

  4. An $800 April sounds very nice. That will be awesome. I am very a little bit from getting one of them. Good luck in getting it.