Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Recent buy: $3599 HRL + $3000 PEP


Today $3599 was spent on buying shares of Hormel.

And another $3000 was spent on PepsiCo.  In my earlier post in the blog, I talked about GIS. I decided in the end on PepsiCo (PEP) over General Mills (GIS) because I liked the diversity and growth prospects of PEP more than GIS, despite PEP having a slightly lower yield.

Happy investing


  1. That's a serious buy. Always nice to see fellow DGI'ers forging ahead building their passive income stream. Like the HRL pick up. I just started a small position in the stock too last week. A nibble for me but will gladly add to this name should the yield hit 2%+. Of course, PEP is another long term holding of mine and almost anything in the consumer staples space I like.

  2. man that's a stack thrown down!
    Nice pickups and seems Pepsi has more potential then coke at the moment.

    1. I like Pepsi over Coke since it has the snack business and better growth. However, I still really do like Coke. I try to buy only products that I have investments in if possible.

      While in eastern Europe, I found that every single drink I tried to buy was owned by Coca Cola... Bottled water, orange juice, all types of sodas, ginger ale, tonic water, even their BURN energy drink sat right next to Red Bull and Monster.

      I was really impressed with their distribution channel and how embedded their products are. I did not see any Pepsi products anywhere so Coke does have a much stronger drinks distribution presence.

  3. Those are both solid companies and those were some big purchases.

  4. Nice purchases. They will make some great additions to your portfolio. I have recently started looking at HRL myself.

  5. Young dividend -

    WHOA! Two massive purchases, just awesome! I haven't bought Pepsi in a long time, congrats over there.