Thursday, September 29, 2016

Recent buy: Home Depot

Today 71 shares were purchased in Home Depot for around $9166.1

Home Depot yields 2.14% at the moment and has been able to grow the dividend by 17% year over year.

I plan to have my remaining purchases in other companies executed on Tuesday and then I'll update my portfolio page. Altria is continuing to correct and Nike has took a nice pullback. Starbucks remains at valuations that I still like considering they grow the dividend very fast.


  1. I like HD and LOW but need to look at them again before investing there. I'm hoping MO keeps correcting so I can get a starter position there or more likely sell a put option or a buy/write. I sold a put option NKE yesterday and kind of hope to get the shares put to me. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your buys.

  2. Like PIP, I like HD -- I'll have to dig into it a little since I haven't done so in a while.

    Thanks for the update and I look forward to seeing what you do on Tuesday! All the best!