Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016 Dividends Received

I have received another set of checks this month from the companies I own. This is money in the bank. When owning shares, I like to consider myself as a part owner in the business. Part of the profits in that enterprise is sent to me and I can use that cash to buy whatever I want. In this case, I buy more shares of companies to increase my dividends next month even  more.

Ticker      Total    Taxable    Roth IRA         401k
T $93.77 $93.77
VZ $65.72 $41.42 $24.30
GIS $56.33 $43.37 $12.96
ABT $40.49 $40.49
PG $39.87 $39.87
O $31.37 $31.37
APD $22.71 $22.71
HRL $14.64 $14.64
CL $13.67 $13.67
MA $8.98 $8.98
SBUX $7.74 $7.74
$395.29 $317.68 $55.67 $21.94

My checks are getting fatter and fatter each month. In August I cashed in almost $400, or around $100 a week. Not bad for doing absolutely nothing. Thinking back to my poor days a few years ago as a broke college student, I was working part time to pay for my tuition and bills and I only made $400 a month and it was really tiring on top of my studies. It really made me appreciate the value of the dollar. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned. Being able to make that same amount now without lifting a finger is highly satisfying.

This is compared to my $299 in dividends I received in last year's August, a sizable growth due to my continuous contribution every month. My diligence and constant investing appears to be paying off. My dividends already can easily cover my monthly utilities, gasoline, cell phone, auto insurance, and food expenses.

I try to set goals for myself in the future. Below shows a graph of what I hope my monthly dividend income growth trajectory should look like. If I'm shooting for $1,000,000 by my early 30's which is in a few years, I want at least 2.5% to 3.0% yield from that $1,000,000 which is around $2000 to $2500 a month. With that amount, I can likely safely pay off a mortgage without worrying about being fired. I seem to be on track so far. Certain months have much lower dividend payouts than others. Currently my Feb, May, August, and Nov months are my weakest. My other months pay much higher due to the stocks I hold in my portfolio.

I am looking forward to the September month. September pays me fat dividends compared to my other months and I am expecting $550 or so in cash this time around. October I am also expecting close to $600 in dividends. I am hoping that in the coming 3 months there will be a large spike going forward in my dividend payout graph.


  1. That is some great looking growth so far. Some great looking forward guidance as well. I hope things keep snowballing for ya. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Keep it up YD.
    You're doing amazing bro. I have no doubt you will hit your goals and dreams. Just don't stop!
    Keep hustling hard. Take care buddy.

  3. Hi there, Young Dividend -- congratulations on earning nearly $400 in dividends this month. I love you charts, especially the forward looking one that plots what you'd like to achieve. It would be interesting to see how reality matches your goals!

    Take care and I'm also looking forward to September's dividends!

  4. That's a super solid total for the month of August. Congrats. I see one stock you have that's on my watch list but I'll wait to buy, HRL. It's been such a solid performer and that yield got a little too low for my liking. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  5. Awesome stuff YD. That's a great total for August and it looks like you're right on track with your dividends guidance.