Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015 Dividends Received

Another month and another bucket of cash received from several of my holdings. All of these dividends were reinvested back to their original holdings. In October, several of my holdings announced dividend increases. These include KMI, VFC, and V.

I was expecting around $325 in dividends this month but KHC did not announce their dividend in October yet :( The old Kraft company usually paid in October but the new board will meet in the first week of November now, so hopefully later this week they announce a KHC dividend...

The total comes out very close to $300 this month. My largest payers were from the two tobacco companies I own.

Ticker Total Received Taxable Accnt Roth Accnt 401k Accnt
KMB $19.07 $19.07
KO $31.43 $31.43
MKC $16.16 $16.16
MO $104.81 $77.14 $27.67
O $25.90 $25.90
PM $93.63 $64.72 $28.91
XEL $3.98 $3.98
$294.98 $196.34 $25.90 $72.74

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