Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Recent buy

I have bought the following shares today. I sprayed my contributions across several companies:

VFC: $800
O: $800
HCP: $730
VZ: $300
ABT: $200
PG: $147
GIS: $100

VFC is a new position and they have just raised their dividend from $0.32 to $0.37, this is nearly a 16% increase over the last year dividends.

Happy investing


  1. That's some serious capital you're deploying!

    I'm interested to know why you buy so many different stocks in smaller amounts, rather than one or two stocks in larger amounts. Are you not paying a lot in commissions this way?

    1. Hi FerdiS

      I have a sharebuilder $12 a month plan where they give me 12 trades that are usable on the month's Tuesdays (1$ for each trade). If I don't use the trades I still pay the subscription.

      This month I was moving so I didn't do any purchases on the account so on the last day I bought several items. I had some capital saved up that I didn't need for the move so I put them in stocks.