Friday, November 6, 2015

November Watchlist

The jobs report released this morning showed a large jobs beat. As a result, there is an expectation that a rate hike is a possibility leading many companies that are like low debt to drop in value. REITs and Utilities took a huge hit today with losses ranging from -3 to -6%. I feel that there will be more valued buys to come. Here is a chart of stocks I am eyeing at the moment. I want to add to my utility sector this time around. My plan in the coming weeks is to steadily add into my favorite utility companies. This will help increase my dividend yield because utility stocks have high yields.

My three "core" utility stocks are D, NEE, and SO. Below are plots of their price charts and dividend history.

My Targets
NEE: $95
D: $66
SO: $42

These are two other utilities I watch but I like them less than the top 3.
XEL: $32
WEC: $44


  1. REITs also took it on the chin on Friday (as you point out) -- are you not interested in REITs at this time?

    1. Yes REITs that are high quality will be attractive to me if they fall further. I am more interested in Utilities because I am very underweight in them.

      The only REIT I really want is "O". But I can consider some in the healthcare area like HCP, HCN, OHI, and VTR.