Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Recent buy: V & D

I added small amounts into Visa and Dominion today. I want to start a project to start acquiring more utility names. I've failed to "time" my entrance into utilities many times already and I am about to just give up on timing a large purchase and instead dollar cost my way in.

V: $100
D: $100

Dominion is one of my favorite utility names due to its historical dividends and growth prospects. D pays a moderately decent dividend but it has a higher growth than other utilities. As a result I expect their dividends to grow faster than the likes of SO. NEE is another utility I like that has higher growth. Some day I wish to own sizable positions in both D and NEE. My favorite core utilities are SO, D, and NEE.

I added to Visa after the earnings and their announcement to buy Visa Europe. I want to be overweight in Visa since I like their low debt, high margin, and high cash flow business model. I have a feeling that out of all the stocks in my portfolio, Visa will be one of them that will outperform in different economic conditions.


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  1. V is a solid choice and I need to recheck the valuation now that Visa Europe is officially in the works. Love the business model.