Monday, October 5, 2015

Recent buy: BDX

I am adding to my position in BDX. Becton, Dickinson and Company manufacturers and sells medical supplies, devices, lab instruments, antibodies, reagents, and diagnostic products. They are a dividend aristocrat with 43 years of dividend increase history. It has a low yield (around 1.8%) but it has steadily increased it around 13.9%. I believe the medical industry will benefit greatly as the baby boomer population reaches retirement age, increasing the US demand for medical products. BDX also has consistently increasing earnings and they are one of the most predictable companies in terms of meeting earnings expectations.

Adding in taxable account:
BDX - $650


  1. Great buy in the health space. BDX is often overlooked but has a stellar dividend growth rate as well as capital appreciation. I think many are turned off by the relatively low yield when compared to such names as CAT or EMR. I have held BDX for about 8 years with no plans to sell. I'd love to add more but see better values elsewhere. Great stock/company.

  2. Solid buy here. BDX almost always seem like one of those companies that's chronically overvalued and so I bit the bullet and just added a small position to have an ownership stake with them. They're a truly excellent company and I expect really great things from them. Eventually shares of BDX will be at a better value and I plan to add heavily at that point. Nice buy Young Dividend!