Monday, February 9, 2015

Recent buy: EMR

I will be purchasing $520 of EMR tomorrow. I feel that EMR provides a good entry point price right now. I will continue to add on weakness as I am looking to expand my industrials sector. I am also hoping that the utilities and REIT sector will fall further in anticipation of rising rates. I need more exposure to REITs and utilities for diversification and higher yields.

EMR facts:
55.5% payout ratio
3.28% yield
18.21 P/E
14.05 Forward P/E
115,100 employees
1.30 Beta
20% Debt / Cap
A+ Credit Rating (Morningstar)

Jefferson Research Report:
Earnings quality: Strongest
Cash flow quality: Strong
Operating efficiency: Strong
Balance sheet: Strongest
Valuation: Least risk


  1. I added to my EMR about a couple months ago. It is very much a strong performer and long time dividend payer. Yielding north of 3% is a good entry point as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I added to my EMR position back in September and it looks even better now. Too many great companies and not enough capital.