Friday, February 13, 2015

Falling sector: Utilities

With the rumor of rate hikes, the utilities sector has taken a beating. I have already identified several names that I will be happy to own. However, they are still overvalued and I am still waiting on the sidelines. Utilities are only 1% in my portfolio so I am looking forward to add if possible.

SRE (way overpriced....), WEC, XEL, AVA, LNT, D, SO, NU, NEE, DUK

A lot of those listed above are still nose bleeding expensive compared to the index. Some like SO and AVA are approaching better values.


  1. I own PNY and AVA both have attractive yields and AVA just announced another 4% dividend raise which is pretty good for a utility. Thanks for the update.

  2. I only own 1 utility and it was gifted to me. Luckily it's been a fairly consistent dividend grower. Eventually I'd like to add some more but, like you, I don't think know is quite the time to do so.