Friday, January 23, 2015

Watchlist: last week purchase

Still on my plan to purchase next week are AT&T, Kraft, and Philip Morris.

New to my watchlist this week are KMB and CL. KMB has the favor due to its lower PE and higher yield.

KMB: Kimberly Clark reported earnings today and it was not received enthusiastically. There was a 6% sale. If the price continues to fall I will be adding it as a purchase on Tuesday. I wish to add below 100, preferably at 105.

CL: Colgate has a lot of business overseas and at the moment the US Dollar is incredibly strong. Currency headwinds will have an affect on the company's performance. Although the stock trades at a premium, I wish to add below 66, preferably at 63.

It is rather interesting that the plots of both of these consumer staple companies have quite similar shapes in the last year.

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