Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Recent buys: mid 1/2015

Paycheck needed to be invested. Here are what I invested today. Still keeping some cash since I think there may be some volatility in soon. Today I have also given up holding index funds (mainly held S&P500) in my 401k and transferred the funds over into DGI holdings which I will now manually choose in the future.

TJX: $650
PM: $500
CVX: $500
V: $700
ROST: $350
T: $500

401K (swapped funds from Index to DGI):
JNJ: $3457
PEP: $2987
MKC: $2954
CHD: $2470
MO: $2463
GIS: $1370

Added to some of my winners and balanced the lower dividend stocks with higher yielders like T.

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