Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Recent buy: MMM, GIS, CLX, MO ...

$15,183 USD got put to work today. The cash position was growing too large.
The load is the following:

Description  Type  Symbol/ CUSIP  Quantity  Price  Amount 
Buy AT&T INC  4 $32.01 ($128.04)
Buy AT&T INC  1 $32.02 ($32.02)
Buy REALTY INCM CRP MD PV$1. REIT  2 $69.28 ($138.56)
Buy AUTOMATIC DATA PROC  ADP  5 $168.22 ($841.11)
Buy TJX COS INC NEW  TJX  10 $54.60 ($546.00)
Buy ABBOTT LABS  ABT  10 $88.48 ($884.80)
Buy GENL DYNAMICS CORP COM  GD  9 $185.21 ($1,666.89)
Buy ROSS STORES INC COM  ROST  10 $106.57 ($1,065.70)
Buy PHILIP MORRIS INTL INC  PM  10 $86.33 ($863.30)
Buy ALTRIA GROUP INC  MO  10 $50.14 ($501.40)
Buy COLGATE PALMOLIVE  CL  12 $72.22 ($866.64)
Buy COCA COLA COM  KO  20 $54.22 ($1,084.40)
Buy KIMBERLY CLARK  KMB  8 $134.85 ($1,078.80)
Buy CLOROX CO DEL COM  CLX  20 $163.84 ($3,276.80)
Buy GENERAL MILLS  GIS  15 $52.48 ($787.20)
Buy 3M COMPANY  MMM  8 $177.67 ($1,421.36)

Some of the purchases are good value, and yield higher. Some are lower yield, more expensive, but have very high growth rate. So I balance my portfolio with both. Since I'm young, my portfolio is more tailored to higher growth less high yield. I am looking for dividend and capital gain growth. The dividend, I can tailor later on for more income as I am older.

The portfolio's total dividend income per year shot up a few hundred. It now sits at $18,793
So close to the $20K barrier! This will be a big milestone, trying hard to achieve it soon.

Cash position sits now at $6842. The cash position will grow back up again soon, and I can again deploy it again. Hopefully by that time the market is at a lower point.

Happy Investing


  1. Young Div -

    Straight nasty. That cash deployment is insane. How much did you add in this purchase alone?


  2. Love seeing all those purchases YD! Lots of great businesses there and you still have a hefty amount of cash on the sidelines and loading up with more every month. Amazing to see you nearly at $19k in dividend income.

  3. Wow nice additions,i have been slowly adding MO,waiting for MMM.

  4. I am waiting for pull back before investing more. You definitely got courage.

  5. YD - you keep executing your strategy, adding to some fantastic businesses step by step. While others hesitate because the market is at all-time high, you decide to take action and send the money to work. I like how systematically you keep building those quality positions up in size. Your results speak for themselves! Great job!

  6. Nice adds youngdividend (YD). I added to ABT, MMM, JNJ this past couple weeks. Want to add to MO, but it seems risky given the continuous decline in mid single digit volume of cigarette sales. Until how long can MO keep raising prices before smokers give up buying their products? I think PM looks good from a mid-term (2-3 yr) perspective... Nobody knows what the future holds :)

    1. I think MO has a good future with smokeless products. They are diversifying away and making sure they are not just standing around for the change to impact them. They now have some of their ex-MO executives leading as CEO and top management in Juul now, I expect Juul to improve a lot going forward and eventually they may permit majority ownership with MO and then MO can have control over that operation and its profits.

  7. Great selection and comparison of drying paint fits very well. However, the dividend growth is really very motivating.
    With so many purchases, aren't the order fees actually too high?

    1. Thanks for your interest, the trades are free with my Broker since my total account size is over a certain requirement to qualify for free trades.