Saturday, August 3, 2019

July 2019 Dividends Received

July has ended. And here are the results for dividend income collected. I collect these dividend payments like a landlord will collect his rent checks every month. And then I put the cash to work by reinvesting them in more shares. And the cycle continues. There's not much action or excitement or get rich tricks here, just a very repetitious and regimen-like, boring, but consistent, way of life. Kind of like watching paint dry.

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
MO $507.46 $436.84 $70.62
PM $442.26 $387.97 $54.29
KMB $135.97 $93.38 $42.59
XEL $134.52 $134.52
KO $114.07 $114.07
ITW $110.78 $89.64 $21.14
ADP $76.90 $76.90
MKC $72.73 $48.70 $24.03
O $71.54 $71.54
MDT $40.77 $40.77
SYK $35.16 $30.47 $4.69
INTEREST $1.65 $1.65
$1,743.81 $1,454.91 $288.90

Overall a healthy month. Going forward I am expecting around $1050 in August and $1800 in September.



  1. Man that's a huge dividend from MO and PM. Nearly $1k from those 2 alone. Over $1,700 is a huge total for July and you just keep crushing it.

  2. You land lording like a boss. keep it up

  3. YoungDiv -

    Tobacco much? Haha, LOVE THE POWERHOUSE you have going for you. Keep adding more capital to other positions to reduce exposure from PM and MO, but love it all the way my man!


  4. Wow, that's impressive. YD, if you were to move to the mid-west or other cheaper places to live in the US, you could very easily retire now with that income stream.

    Nice day to buy on dips on a 3% down day in the market today. I added to my holdings in PM, UTX, XLNX, APH and ATVI. Hoping to see another leg or 2 down to buy more shares of quality names.