Monday, July 1, 2019

June 2019 Dividends Received

June was a very good pay day. There was a large diverse bunch of companies that paid in June. $1750 is already a good amount to pay for monthly bills.

The purpose of this portfolio is to build and grow passive income. The sky is the limit to how big this income stream can be built to. Time is a very important resource in investing. To take full advantage of my situation, I started investing very early to get a snowball rolling.

 I just loaded $10,000 into my brokerage account, will be seeing in the next few days how I can increase my dividend income even further. Right now my annual dividend income is at $18,292 USD and I believe the portfolio's overall dividend increase this year will be 12%. This is possible because I reinvest all the dividends. With this growth, using the present dividend output, the portfolio can increase income by itself at ~$2200 a year.

I want to try and get my monthly moving average to $2000 a month in dividend incomes.

Right now, I am forecasting July to pay $1740 in dividends, which is also very good. And August will output around $1050.

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  1. Man that's some really inspiring stuff YD! Seeing how quickly you've gone from $0 to now $18k+ in annual dividends in fantastic. Especially with each month now on track to be over $1k and just going up. Also, I love seeing your dividend growth projection at 12%. That's huge and even more so when you think about what that means for just organic dividend growth. $2.2k per year from that alone will be a nice increase each year. All the best in the second half.