Friday, November 2, 2018

Recent buys

A lot of purchases today. Here's the breakdown. This is a lot of single trades but I receive several free trades a month from my broker so it's all fine fee-wise.

Security  Quantity  Last Price  Total
KO  14 $47.58 $666.12
MA  2 $197.31 $394.62
2 $139.05 $278.10
BDX  1 $234.90 $234.90
SYK  3 $165.24 $495.72
ADP  7 $140.41 $982.87
PG  11 $89.55 $985.05
14 $69.08 $967.12
XEL  21 $47.52 $997.92
WEC  15 $66.62 $999.30
KO  21 $47.58 $999.18
PEP  9 $110.29 $992.61
KMB  9 $105.59 $950.31
CL  16 $60.40 $966.40
GD  6 $178.66 $1,071.96
ITW  2 $131.19 $262.38
HON  6 $145.08 $870.48
APD  12 $156.56 $1,878.72
SUM:  $14,993.76


  1. Just wow, you just made my yearly purchases in a day! I am also looking to buy ITW in a month or two if the stock price doesn't soar before that.

  2. Several of those were much cheaper a week ago, such as ITW, APD and others. Curious as to why you waited.

    1. Hi DWC,
      Unfortunately I am terrible at timing the market. I deployed cash now instead of at the very lows because I received a one time large payout from my employer after leaving the company. Since I had too much cash on the sidelines I decided it was time to deploy as I wanted to increase my income. There will likely be one or two more of these kind of purchases before the year end as I want to lower my cash holding to improve passive income.

      Happy investing

  3. Wow Young Dividend. Wow. That is a lot of capital unloaded into the market right there. Nice job and congrats on adding some HUGE amounts of forward dividend income to your portfolio.


  4. Now that's a buy list. With all that fresh capital put to work your annual dividends just received a nice boost! All well known dividend payers and growers too. Nice!

  5. YD,

    That's an incredible run of purchases you've made. Your forward dividend income is going to sky rocket - well done!

    Take care,

  6. do you plan to sell any "losers" for tax purposes? my KMB and GIS fall under that category and I'm debating whether to cut bait soon and potentially buy back next year...