Monday, November 12, 2018

Recent buy: MO, ITW, HON, GD, CL, etc

I gave my portfolio a dividend booster today. Several purchases went in this morning. Close to $15K was bought which will prop up quite a bit on my income. I try to balance some of the low yield purchases with higher yield ones. On average my portfolio seems to be around 2.7% average yield.

Symbol/  CUSIP   
Buy BECTON DICKINSON CO  BDX  8 $241.36 $1,930.88
Buy REALTY INCOME CORP O 29 $63.15 $1,831.35
Buy COLGATE-PALMOLIVE CO CL 29 $63.06 $1,828.74
Buy AIR PRODUCTS&CHEM  APD  7 $160.37 $1,122.59
Buy GENL DYNAMICS CORP COM  GD  6 $184.08 $1,104.48
Buy PEPSICO INC  PEP  9 $118.22 $1,063.98
Buy HONEYWELL INTL INC DEL  HON  7 $149.69 $1,047.83
Buy AUTOMATIC DATA PROC  ADP  7 $146.55 $1,025.85
Buy ALTRIA GROUP INC  MO  16 $61.79 $988.64
Buy ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC  ITW  7 $131.38 $919.66
Buy KIMBERLY CLARK  KMB  8 $110.54 $884.32
Buy MICROSOFT CORP  MSFT  5 $108.60 $543.00
Buy PROCTER & GAMBLE CO  PG  5 $92.59 $462.95
TOTAL: $14,754.27

After this purchase my forward annual income hit $15,014 US dollars.


  1. Holy freaking cow Young Dividend. That is some serious capital added. I love the names of the companies you purchased and those are some serious, serious, dividend payers. Wow.


  2. Wow, you pulled the trigger on the elephant gun - a lot of capital purchasing great companies all around! Don't let us folks firing off pea shooters distract you ;)

  3. You really are not messing around these days, nice work!