Thursday, June 7, 2018

Recent buy: V, CLX, KMB, PG, PEP

Added the following today

V $1330
CLX $1000
KMB $300
PG $300
PEP $400

Visa is slowly climbing to my #1 position in my portfolio. Here are my top 5s:

When I started the portfolio 4-5 years ago I thought $3000 was a large position. Now these positions are each big enough to buy their own new car.


  1. Young Dividend! Very nice! That is a nice, diversified set of purchases with some serious dividend income right there. I like all five of those companies and they will serve you well over the years to come.


  2. Hi YoungDividend. Very nice purchases. I bought 4 of these companies in the last months - CLX, KMB, PG and PEP. I'd love to add to my V position but let's say I am psychology challenge: price is very high now since I last purchased it (thus yield so low)... I know growth is what matters... not easy :)

  3. Hi! Nice portfolio! Have a lot of companies in common, but I also have a dividendportfolio w a bunch of US REITs and of course many European, mainly Swedish companies for obvious reasons, being Swedish. Regarding you latst purchases, HD I cannot judge since its local but all other I have a chance to follow over here and really like. Regards T

  4. Forgot: Thanks for your Chart Watchlists! Great!