Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Recent buy: MSFT, APD, PEP, KMB, NEE, etc

I plan to couple my purchases with lower yields and higher yields. This way I can maintain an average yield in the 2.5-3.0% range. Lower yielding companies are often ones I like due to their growth profile.

For example I can pair a Visa with a Pepsico
Or a Microsoft with AT&T
Or Stryker with Kimberly Clark.

So far in the last week and this week I purchased the following. Total costs for all these trades is around $8.
MSFT $2600
APD $326
NEE $163
ITW $146
PEP $200
KMB $100
ADP $132
V $130
MCD $159
CLX $120
XEL $134

I have topped up my Microsoft position quite a bit now. Going forward I am interested in increasing my weight in my lower yielding stocks like: SYK, V, MA, ROST, TJX (however this guy ran up way too much hard to justify a buy), ABT, GD, HON, ITW.

I will likely have to pair these purchases with a higher yielder and I am considering PEP, KMB, PG, WEC, GIS, KHC, JNJ, CLX, T.

My portfolio currently looks like this. Visa and Mastercard are growing quite large. They are performing very well on their own.

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