Thursday, May 10, 2018

Recent buy: PEP, CLX, KO, KMB ...

Around $7000 of cash was deployed today in stock. The buys were distributed approximately as below. Exact dollar amounts not shown as there were too many trades. Although there were a lot of trades below I did not have to pay any commission.

$1.5K staples
PEP  300
CLX 360
KO   150
KMB  100
GIS   150
CL     100
KHC   150
PG     150

$1K indus
MMM  200 
ITW    300
HON   300
GD     200

$1K tech
MSFT 1000
ADP  300

$2K utility
XEL 1000
WEC 500
NEE 450

$.5K material
APD 500

$1K health
JNJ 600
ABT 420

$.3K discretionary
MCD 300


  1. You've been deploying capital like crazy, YD. Awesome selections! Some of the names from above that I'd like to add to my portfolio include MMM, GD & ADP. Looks like you are making a strong move to build up the MSFT position... it's a good one.

  2. Great Buys,even i joined you by buying PEP

  3. YoungDiv -

    Holy crap. That is all.


  4. Young Dividend,

    Wow. That is a lot of capital in there. A lot of names in that listing that I like. Enjoy the deployment. Hopefully the trading fees weren't too much.


    1. He has no trading fees... and I'll be heading over to Merril Edge with him once I hit 50k in 2-3 months.

  5. Is there any reason you added to the other utilities, but not Dominion Energy? For $65 a share it is looking good to me right now.

    1. @ Brian: I prefer lower payout ratio companies since I'm still younger and I want growth. Dominion has outlined a decent growth plan but I find them highly leveraged and the payout ratio is high. D is also riskier to me due to their balance sheet and credit quality. Out of all the utilities my favorite is NEE.