Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Recent buy: MSFT, JNJ, KMB, etc.

I did a small change in my Medtronic (MDT) position in my 401k. Medtronic pays foreign dividends since they are based in Ireland. As a result I have some dividends withheld for tax reasons when they pay into my 401k. And since a 401k is a retirement plan, I can never get that withholding back as it's not a taxable account. I forgot about this when I purchased MDT in my 401k (make a reminder, don't purchase foreign dividend paying companies in my 401k).

My 401k only had $2300 in MDT. I sold that and I bought $3200 in Microsoft (MSFT) in my 401k. I still hold over $5000 in MDT in my taxable account and don't plan to change that.

Additionally I bought in my taxable account:
$250 JNJ
$197 GD
$206 KMB
$65 CL
$197 PEP

Shares purchased in taxable are free. 401k is $7 per trade so a buy and sell is $14.


  1. You could check this to see you need to file any form to avoid the tax withholding

  2. I see that your still adding to your positions in some great consumer staples. I also like the addition of MSFT stock. Thanks for sharing.