Thursday, May 3, 2018

April 2018 Dividends Received

April finished. Like clock work, the corporations I hold shares in deposited cash into my brokerage account as usual. Here is the breakdown:

Ticker      Total    Taxable         401k
MO $380.81 $328.11 $52.70
PM $353.66 $305.18 $48.48
KMB $77.84 $37.99 $39.85
KO $71.30 $71.30
XEL $66.30 $66.30
MKC $62.40 $40.44 $21.96
O $56.82 $56.82
ADP $45.45 $45.45
MDT $44.29 $30.98 $13.31
ITW $41.61 $41.61
SYK $13.72 $9.45 $4.27
INTEREST $1.63 $0.21 $1.42
$1,215.83 $977.02 $238.81

The cash flow is getting better each month. The growth in my monthly dividend is due to my steady contribution every month for the last 4-5 years. It is starting to pay off it seems.

In addition to my periodic contributions, my dividends also climb due to each company's dividend increase. On average, the dividend increases this year so far is around 12%. This is much higher than the 10-10.5% increases I got in previous years. I think this is due to the tax reduction to corporations. If you estimate my annual dividend income from my portfolio as ~$12,000, then a 12% dividend hike on top of an average 2.8% portfolio dividend yield (reinvested) equals around 15% of income growth just from the portfolio growing by itself. 15% growth on $12,000 means my portfolio will grow its annual income by $1,800 to $13,800 all on its own. To put this in perspective, to get $1,800 in additional annual dividend income one needs to put $60,000 dollars to work on 3% yielding equities!

The 3 month average dividend received is creeping upward. In May I predict I will get $550 and June around $1200.


  1. Wow nice young! Solid dividend income and growth.

    Keep it up

  2. YD.....AMAZING. Congrats on the great month here and crushing it. I love those dividend payments from PM and MO as well by the way.


  3. I love your progress since 2014. Just amazing to see what your hard work and determination can bring.

    Keep it up!

  4. Mo and PM throwing some awesome dividends your way. wow. is all i can say and the rest are good also Keep it up.

  5. Stellar progress, YD. Awesome dividend payments from big tobacco, too. The growth in your portfolio is impressive and it's very motivating to see what can be achieved.