Monday, January 22, 2018

Recent buy: Utilities and AT&T and others

These shares were purchased last week on 1/19/2018.

SO was sold in taxable account: $2579.
T was bought in its place: $2698
SO yields a bit lower than T when I bought T.
Commission for above was $0

WEC: $1400 bought in 401k
Commision for this transaction was $7.95

Rest of purchases are in taxable account. The trades are free with due to the balance of my account with my broker.

TJX: $157
T: $111
HD: $200
MKC: $100
WEC: $126
XEL: $135
MA: $167
MMM: $248
ITW: $172
ADP: $121
NEE: $150
D: $75


  1. YD, You have been busy. A lot of good dividend growth stocks here. I added to D and O recently. Tom

  2. What's your broker and how many free trades/balance? Thanks

  3. I'm thirsting for more WEC too!

    can you explain your reasoning for selling SO?