Friday, January 26, 2018

Recent buy: APD

APD yields 2.60% when I bought it. I bought 6 shares so around $1014.

APD just raised its dividend a massive 16%. They also just announced earnings. The guidance going forward was boosted as expected due to tax changes. Revenue was up 18% Y/Y. And they beat by 14cents out of 1.79$ which is impressive. The shares were down 2.75% when I bought them so I took the opportunity to add more to a dividend aristocrat after a beat and raise, I never can understand the logic or moves of the market.


  1. Young Div -

    Damn! Making moves over there, loving it and loving the dividend increase more. Congrats!


  2. YD, Good company, good buy. I used to own APD, but never built a big enough position because of low yield and slowing dividend growth. Sold it and consolidated the funds into other industrial positions. I probably should have held and built over time, but just had too many stocks to follow. Tom

  3. Hi, YD. I'm an APD shareholder, so I loved that dividend raise. I agree, APD had lots of good news to report, yet the market was disappointed. I like your purchase.