Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Recent buy: D and XEL

Bought $600 of D and $500 of XEL today.

Utilities seem to be undergoing a sector rotation and are getting cheaper. D is offering to buy Scana, which caused its share price to lower. I think an acquisition here will really help increase D's earnings growth profile further which will support the dividend growth. The initial cost will be a hit though.



  1. @Youngdividend- Nice buys, i picked up some Dominion Energy as well.

  2. Hey YD. SCANA (SCG) was certainly the laggard of my portfolio in 2017, so I was glad to see today's news, some price recovery, and hopefully an end to most of the uncertainly surrounding the stock. At this point, I'd probably hang around for the share exchange and become a D shareholder. What's been your experience with D? Have you been a shareholder for long?

    1. I've been very happy with D so far. They are one of the utilities that have a growth plan and the dividend is a good way to be rewarded for holding a stable utility.

  3. YD, I added to my D holding yesterday as well. 4% yield plus strong expected dividend growth is a nice combination. Tom

  4. ?have you considered adding to your WEC and SO positions as well? or opening any new ute positions, like LNT or SRE?

  5. Young Div -

    Nice job taking advantage of D. Should be very accretive to earnings, no doubt.


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  7. Nice buys, Young Dividend! I'm already long D and XEL, but it might be a good time to add more shares!