Friday, December 1, 2017

Recent buy: NEE

Bought $2,516 of NEE today.  I now own $17,548 in this energy company. It's one of the most consistent and stable growing diversified utility company I know of and as a result it has always costed a premium.

This purchase will nudge my yearly passive dividend income up to $10,486


  1. Young Div -

    Just keep chuggin and pushing along. That's quite a position in one entity, make sure you have it spread out!!


  2. Thank you young dividend. Your investment ideas are very valuable. That's why you're one of the favorite blogs in my long list

  3. I like the purchase. I also bought some NEE recently. I really like their portfolio of renewable energy assets.

  4. YD, NEE has been a fabulous dividend growth stock. I have a relatively small position wishing I would have bought more years ago when I established the holding. It was actually called Florida Power & Light (FPL) when I originally bought it. The reason I have not bought more is valuation, yet it continues to run higher! Tom