Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Recent buy: MO and PM

Both dipped around 2 to 3% after the open after some claims about the validity of the  IQOS trials. I took this opportunity to add more to these two high yielders.

$1500 invested
$900 to PM and the rest to MO


  1. YD, I'm not a smoker, but 2 of my favorite long time holdings. Great buys. Tom

  2. Young D -

    Nasty purchase yet again, just allocating capital non-stop. Nice job, turning to be a productive December.


  3. Big dividend players! Not bad picks at all. Hard to kick the habit that they sell.

  4. The PM class action lawsuit news is interesting. As a holder of PM, I'm curious how that will play out.

  5. It's very useful that you post all the best trials. They will totally fit to the rating of